Free workshop available to all community members

The Front Porch Project is a workshop offered in Butler County that supports the reality that everyone can do something to prevent child abuse in our community.  

The purpose of this workshop is to help participants identify the role they can play in protecting kids and supporting families.

A little more about the front porch project...


The workshop focuses not on what paid professionals can do, but what each of us as individual community members can do to create healthy communities that protect children.      

The workshop is 3-hours long and teaches participants to:  

• Identify when and how to get involved when something "just doesn't seem right" with a child in your   neighborhood, place of worship, or public place

• Think of possible responses and problem-solving strategies     

• Increase their comfort level with taking action in those situations   

• Identify "roadblocks" to taking action and find ways around them     

• Identify and develop comfort with a range of parenting approaches    

• Increase awareness of the importance of prevention in helping to protect children and support families

The Front Porch Project is offered in partnership with the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA).  PFSA trained members of the Butler County Prevention Council to  facilitate the Front  Porch Project and they are now able to bring  the workshop to you.     

Interested in participating?

Let us know by calling Butler County Human Services at (724) 284-5114 or by emailing us at info@helpstoppit.ccom

If you are involved with a community group (such as a church group, book club, PTO, etc.) and would like to have us come to you, we can work with you to arrange that.

If you individually are interested, we can get your contact information and let you know when a training is scheduled locally.